Potatoes for boiling

Potatoes for boiling

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The potatoes recommended by Patatas Conde for boiling are different because of their firm consistency and by being slightly floury, which makes them ideal for this purpose. This is a relatively large potato whose skin and flesh are light yellow.

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The way of boiling potatoes is well known. We boil water and add the potatoes. However, there are many details to take into account in order to achieve the desired result. The cooking time of the potato is the critical variable. Obviously, it will depend on the size of the tuber. Depending on whether it is medium or large, the time will range between twenty and thirty minutes. In case of doubt, we will carry out a test by pinching them with a knife or a fork.

How to boil potatoes: with or without skin? It can be done both ways. Nevertheless, the combinations with other ingredients and the way of dressing the boiled potatoes will provide very tasty meals.

Characteristics of potatoes for boiling

  • Size: 45-80 mm
  • Shape of the tuber: oval
  • Light yellow or yellow skin
  • Flesh color: light yellow
  • Naturally washed

How to cook boiled potatoes

  1. Fill the pot with water and boil. The amount of water must be enough to cover the potatoes completely. Moreover, we should use a little bit more, as the evaporation will decrease the volume.
  2. Wash the potatoes and “smash” them a bit. The choice of peeling them or not depends on your taste.
  3. Add potatoes to water and after that, salt. This way, the potatoes will absorb the salt and get tasty.
  4. Boil them for approximately half an hour. We recommend using potatoes of more or less the same size. To know if they are ready, test it by pinching them with a knife or fork.
  5. If ready, turn off the burner, take the potatoes off the pot and prepare them to serve.