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Kennebec variety, shallow eyes, smooth, thin and light yellow skin, with firm texture to the touch and creamy when cooked, oval to round form, 45 to 80 cm diameter, white flesh and excellent suitability for consumption


Galician potatoes. Five aspects to define top quality

The main responsible parts for the quality control of the cachelos are the Regulatory Council of the PGI Galician Potato and our company, as packers.

1. Fields to be cultivated

The fields are one of the first aspects to control. To grow potatoes, the land on which the crop is going to be grown must be included in the production area covered by the Galician Potato Protected Geographical Indication. Patatas Conde operates in the sub-area of “A Limia,” where our farmer-suppliers are located. This area encompasses several municipalities in the south of the Spanish province of Ourense, including Xinzo de Limia, where our facilities are located. Potatoes are collected and then taken to the warehouse at the nearest point.

This working method ensures that the product is as fresh as possible and the conservation process is done in the best conditions during the fall and winter months. This is the only way to achieve that the properties of the potatoes ensure the maximum quality.

2. The seed of the potato

The seed of the potato is the second aspect to control.  Kennebec potatoes are the only variety accepted for growing provided by our company to suppliers. The characteristics of the Kennebec potato are protected by the PGI Galician Potato. This is a potato whose shape is round, with the presence of very superficial eyes. Its skin is smooth and thin with a light yellow color. Its flesh color is white, the texture of the potato is firm when touched, and you can feel its consistency in your mouth. It becomes creamy when cooked.

Galician Kennebec potatoes are renowned for their quality for consumption. Its dry matter content stands out – more than 18% – along with its capacity to maintain its properties (color, aroma, and flavor) once it has been cooked. Their content of reducing sugars is less than 0.4%.

3. Agricultural practices. Traditional agriculture

The way potatoes are planted is very important.  The Galician potato producers that work with us must carry out their work under specific conditions. Kennebec potato production is based on traditional farming practices. According to the Regulatory Council, this potato growing must be carried out by establishing certain provisions.

As we have said, traditional practices drive the whole process. That is why potatoes are not grown two years in the same plot. The seeds for planting these potatoes must be certified and can not come from outside the farm. The fertilizer for the potatoes, if possible, will be organic, maintaining a suitable C/N ratio. Our sub-area is characterized by its continental climate, with less rain and more extreme temperatures in the central months of the year (June, July, and August), which is the reason why irrigation is carried out so that the crop can meet the necessary conditions to maintain the quality of the product.

The growing frame will be determined by the producer, according to the implements and sizes used to plant. Preferably, hilling work will be carried out, but similar traditional practices can be used instead. The crop should not be watered in the 30 days prior to harvest.

All these conditions are designed to guarantee the highest product quality. Patatas Conde, as distributor, uses a Field Notebook to record and monitor that the required practices are met.

4. Potato harvesting

The harvesting process of the product is the fourth aspect to consider. The maturation stage of the potato determines the time for harvesting. The tuber is mature when its skin has fully developed. It is important to take into account the temperature and humidity of the land at the time of harvesting (temperate and slightly humid). After that, we receive the product in our facilities in Xinzo de Limia.

Then, we identify each batch in order to perform its traceability. Once they are identified, a series of samples are analysed exhaustively. The objective is clear: to check that the potato is in good condition and presents the optimal characteristics and properties to proceed with the storage or packaging.

We send part of the samples to the Regulatory Council to determine if the tuber meets the chemical characteristics required.

The quality of the potato must pass another test. In our facilities, we also perform microbiological and multi-residue analysis of heavy metals on the product. After that, it goes into our storage system. By doing this, we certify that it complies with the existing regulations on food products.

5. Packaging and storage

All those batches that have successfully passed the previously specified controls are then taken to the packaging or storage process.

Potatoes are introduced in large wooden boxes, where each batch is identified and stored under perfect conditions of temperature, humidity, etc.

After that, qualified staff of our company evaluates and select the product in order to pack it. For this, we use paper bags to protect the potato from light and to make it easier to keep it in good conditions. Once this is done, the labeling process stars.

Every Patatas Conde package carries a label issued by the Regulatory Council. In this label, we can see the logo of the Protected Geographical Indication and the control back-label number. Our company adds more information about the content, a traceability code. This way, the origin of the potato and the processes whereby it has passed are certified.

The distribution for sale to our customers is the last step.



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