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Do you want to know the origin of the Galician word cachelo?

Its definition is similar throughout the Galician geography. However, there are nuances in what people understand when they say cachelo, depending on the area they inhabit.

In the inland territories of Galicia, cachelos are potatoes that are chopped and cooked with salt and water. During the tough years after the Spanish Civil War, the pieces, or cachos in Galician, obtained from the parts of the potato not used when planting, were cooked with skin.

However, in the inland territories a cachelo is usually a potato cut into pieces, but with something special. The cut can not be clean; instead, the potato must be crushed, or escachada in Galician. This is how we get the unique taste of the cachelo.

On the other hand, in the coastal areas of A Coruña and Pontevedra, known as the Atlantic Galicia, the cachelo is a potato boiled with its skin in water and salt. A bay leaf may be added while the potatoes are cooked.

The Kennebec is the most widespread potato variety in Galicia. It is the predominant potato in the Galician areas of Bergantiños, Terra Chá and in our sub-area: A Limia. Due to its weather conditions, the characteristics of our soil and the conscientious cultural work of our people, the product we obtain presents an exceptional culinary quality.

Characteristics of the cachelo

  • Variety: Kennebec
  • Shape of the tuber: round or oval
  • Presence of very superficial eyes
  • Size: 45-80 mm
  • Smooth and thin skin with a light yellow color
  • Flesh color: white

All these characteristics are certified by the Regulatory Council of the Galician Potato Protected Geographical Indication.

Recipes with cachelos

The cachelos are present in a great number of recipes of the Galician gastronomy. The potato is one of the most consumed foods in Galicia. Therefore, it is commonly present in traditional recipe books.

Following, there are some ideas to cook cachelos at home. I bet your guest will fall in love with them.


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