Potatoes for garnish

Potatoes for garnish

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The garnish is the preparation that goes with the main dish. Basically, it is food, more or less prepared, that goes with, complements or decorates, a dish of fish or meat.

The most common garnishes are potatoes, rice or pasta. Vegetable garnishes must be remarked as well, being the salad the most appreciated.

In its many varieties, a garnish with potatoes makes the dishes more appealing. How do we get it? The main formulas are the contrast of color and the complement to the flavor of the main dish.

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As we have previously said, there are different garnishes with potatoes, distinguished by the way they are prepared, of course.

  • Garnishes with French fries. Ideal for meat and fish. The taste of French fries is the perfect complement to any dish.
  • Garnishes with roasted fries. Tender, juicy and full of flavor. Add a hint of aromatic herbs and the results will be dramatic.
  • Garnishes with boiled potatoes. Widely used in Galicia with meat, fish, octopus… they are irresistible.
  • Garnishes with mashed potatoes. Far from being boring or tasteless, mashed potatoes are one of the best accompaniments you can use. Its strength lies in the contrast of textures.

Characteristics of the special potato for garnish

  • Size: 28-45 mm
  • Shape of the tuber: oval
  • Thin and yellow skin
  • Flesh color: light yellow
  • Naturally washed

Recipes with potatoes as a garnish

In our unique recipe book, you will find numerous solutions to create spectacular dishes with potatoes as a garnish. We recommend you take a look at it.